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Breed Standard


The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is a medium-sized dog with a square-built body. The body is well-built for speed and endurance. Clean, powerful, and muscular with a ridge on the back, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback is confident with agility, swimming, and climbing. 



Dignified and regal. Loyal and loving to their owners. Cautious and reserved with strangers, but friendly. Not aggressive. Alert, but adaptable to new surroundings and situations. Matches their owner’s energy: active when called for it, laid back when at rest.



- Length of body / height at withers = 1 : 1



Head: Medium in size and narrow; in balance with the body.

Skull: Almost flat when seen from above, slightly arched in profile.

Forehead: Wrinkles appears when the dog is alert or attentive. 

Stop: Defined but moderate



Nose: Black preferred; liver allowed in chocolate. 

Muzzle: Straight nasal bridge. Wedge-shaped muzzle. Length of muzzle is slightly shorter than the length of skull

Lips: Black. Tight and well-fitted

Tongue: Has black pigmented spots or full black tongue preferred

Jaws/Teeth: Upper and lower jaws are strong. Complete dentition. Scissor bite.

Eyes: Expressive eyes. Of medium size, almond shaped. The eye color varies from dark-brown to amber color and eye-rims are black.

Ears: Firmly pricked ears, of medium size. Upright and direct to the front. Ears are tapered on the inner and outer side.



​Neck: Long, lean, and slightly arched to hold the head in high. Strong with a clean throat line. Without dewlap.

Back: Straight. Length in proportion to their height. 

Loin: Of medium breadth. Strong, and muscular.

Croup: Slightly sloping.  

Chest: Deep, yet not reaching to the elbow. The ribs are well sprung, neither  barrel-ribs nor flat-ribs. Forechest slightly protruding.

Belly: Well tucked.

Tail: Tail is of medium length, arched like a sickle but not curled over or reached to the back. Carried upright and tapers towards the tip.

Ridge: The shape of the ridge may be varied, but ideally should be symmetrical through the spine and cover a length of at least ⅔ of the back. If applicable, the crown or crowns are symmetric and typically located on the top of the ridge. Multiple crowns on the ridge are accepted if they are symmetric through the spine.



Forearms: Straight and parallel when seen from the front or profile. When seen from front, the position of the front legs is moderately close together. 

Shoulders: Muscular and well laid-back. Open angle where the shoulder meets the upper arm.

Pastern: Straight when seen from front and very slightly slanting to the ground when seen from profile. 

Front feet: Oval-shaped and of moderate length. Nails are black or brown depending on the coat.



Thigh: Strong, well-developed and muscular with moderately bent stifles.

Hocks: Straight and parallel; in balance with the length of thigh.  

Hind feet: Oval-shaped and of moderate length thick pads. Nails are black, with brown being depending on coat color. Dewclaws should be removed when possible.



The movement of a Phu Quoc Ridgeback should be tireless, free-flowing, harmonious, and regal. At the trot, the forelegs and rear legs are moving in parallel straight lines and in line with the body, neither turning in nor turning out. When seen from the front the shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms and pasterns move in one straight line. When seen from behind the upper and lower thighs, stifles, hocks, and rear pasterns are also in line. The feet should not turn inward or outward. Long strides appear effortless as the proud head is held high. Overall the dog should have a well-balanced flow with smooth rhythm.  



Coat short and fine. Single-coated.

Color: Black. Fawn: from pale yellow to deep red. Brindle. Black and Tan: brindling allowed on tan points.  Countershading and/or black mask is accepted on fawn and brindle. 

Skin: Fairly fine and tight to the body. 



Height at wither is 45cm to 60cm in males and 40cm to 55 cm in females.



Weight about 14kg to 20kg (30 to 45 lbs) in males and about 12kg to 18kg (25 to 40 lbs) in females. The weight should be balanced with the height.  



Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



Any departure from the described points is considered a fault. The seriousness in which the fault is regarded shall be in proportion to the degree it affects the health and welfare of the dog.

  • Asymmetrical or incomplete ridge

  • No spots on the tongue 

  • Brown/Chocolate in color

  • Light eyes

  • Lack of ridge



- Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified.

- Aggressive or overly shy. 

- Dermoid sinus.  

- Lack of pigment in nose, lips or eye rims

- Showing haw. Blue or bi-coloured eyes.

- Solid white coat, Piebald coat/white patches, or merle.

- Evidence of crossing with Thai Ridgeback or other any other breed 

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