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PQRA Code Of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is presented as a guide for conduct put forth from PQRA members. The mission of the Club is to promote the welfare and improvement of the breed. If a member is ever in doubt with regard to any of the following, they should contact the PQRA Board of Directors.

1. Health


  • All dogs should be kept in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

  • Dogs will be provided with appropriate nutrition, exercise, socialization, vaccination, and veterinary treatment as necessary to provide maximal mental and physical well-being.

  • When a dog of any age must be euthanized, the procedure must be carried out as humanely as possible.

2. Breeding


  • Only purebred, registered (equivalent Foreign Registry) Phu Quoc Ridgebacks shall be used for breeding. 

  • Each litter is the result of conscientious planning, including consideration of the parents’ physical and genetic health, temperament, soundness, and conformity to the breed standard. The PQRA strongly recommends the following, with results being made available to all parties to the breeding and prospective puppy owners:

    • The dog and bitch to be bred have pre-breeding veterinary screenings to certify good breeding conditions. Testing for Brucella is a good precaution for both dog and bitch.

    • Bitches should only be bred on their second or successive heats, or a minimum of 18 months of age.

    • Dogs and bitches aged 24 months or older should have joints (elbows and hips) screened for potentially genetically transmitted defects by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), equivalent foreign registry, or a veterinary board-approved radiologist.

    • The following are also recommended: cardiac certification (OFA or cardiologist) and OFA Companion Animal Eye Registry certification (CAER).

  • Additional precautions including veterinary consultation should be taken when breeding a bitch over seven (7) years of age.

  • Litters should be bred only with the intention of producing conformation and performance candidates, and healthy, mentally-stable companion animals.

  • A written contract should be signed and dated by all owners and co-owners of the prospective sire and dam.

  • Breeders are responsible for the progeny of their dogs. They are required to assist rescue in the placement and care of any dogs they have bred. Stud dog owners are also responsible for any dog sired by their dog. These responsibilities apply to the owner of the (stud) dog and bitch at the time of breeding.

  • Puppies should never be sold to pet shops, wholesale dealers, contest sponsors, and/or to individuals planning to breed for the aforementioned.

  • Breeders should encourage the spay or neuter of any Vietnamese Ridgeback not shown in conformation, utilizing Limited Registration as appropriate. If puppies with serious defects or faults (dermoid sinus) are sold rather than culled, the breeder must take the extra responsibility to see that the dog is spayed or neutered. Dermoid surgery should be performed prior to placing the pup in a new home. Ridgeless dogs should be spayed or neutered unless given permission to breed by the board for the sole purpose of genetic variety.

3. Registration and Exhibition


  • PQRA members should exhibit Phu Quoc Ridgebacks in conformity with the rules of the recognizing clubs in the spirit of good sportsmanship. When travelling, members take reasonable precautions to maintain hotels and show grounds in good condition.

  • Phu Quoc Ridgebacks should be accurately registered with the PQRA.

  • Members, when confronted with a situation not described here, should conduct themselves with the best interest of the breed in mind, and as they would like to be treated in similar circumstances.

  • A member does not engage in false or misleading statements regarding a judge, exhibitor, fellow member, another dog or misrepresentation of their own dogs.

  • Members will not dispose of dogs or puppies by giving them to the local animal shelter, pound, humane society or any organization of that type.

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